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Connectory Talks|Data Analytics

We arrived at the penultimate edition of the year of Connectory Talks with the theme: Data Analytics, on Thursday, October 28 at our facilities. For this session we have two Speakers from Bosch Mexico, as well as the collaboration of the Data Lab Community. Thank you for being part of this meeting.

We started with the talk by Omar Baruch Moron Lopez (Baruch Lopez), titled DATA ANALYTICS 5 steps to turn bits into gold.

In this talk we were able to learn how data has become the most valuable commodity for companies, and this has become a great opportunity for those who know how to treat information. Data is everywhere, but not everyone knows how to see or analyze this digital gold.

5 steps are basic to execute a data analysis and the difference between those responsible for the analysis, extraction and use of them will be clarified.


Then we went with Estefanía Martínez, with the talk: AI in Data Analytics. She told us how the main objective of Data Analytics involves manipulating, transforming and visualizing data to infer meaningful information from the results. These results will be decisive for the diagnosis of the state in which the company is, so it will allow to provide effective solutions according to the decision making that is generated from this diagnosis. She told us how Data Analytics is made up of several stages, as you can notice, therefore to facilitate and speed it up, Machine Learning has been an essential part to achieve objectives of each of these. We were able to identify some strategies that can be useful to improve your performance in the art of manipulating data.

Thanks to you for being part of Connectory Talks Wait for the last edition of the Year! 

If you missed it, check out the recording below. 

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